Our Features

The Easiest Way To Know Everything About Your Assets

Some of Our Features

Business Management

  • Add as many locations as you like.
  • Tag assets by location to get the big picture.
  • Invite Tech Support to manage individual items.
  • Set user roles and permissions for invited users.
  • Set up as many businesses as you like.
  • Each business gets its own billing.
  • Manage assets for your customers if you like.
  • 14 Day free trial with business setup.

Assets Management

  • Can add multiple assets for each business.
  • Each asset can be organized by location, category and tags
  • User can add each asset’s purchasing details, service contract, images, documents and videos.
  • Each asset can be assigned to one or more support technicians; we call them “Support Tech”. They are usually invited via asset management console.
  • Can associate multiple alerts, notes for each asset.
  • Each asset has separate QR Code.
  • User can export/import multiple assets.
  • User can email asset details to any.

User Management

  • It’s free to register as a user on AssetGeek.io
  • A business owner can add multiple businesses.
  • Can invite other users (if user has permission to manage team)
  • Can set permission for invited users
    • Business permission (read only, manage team and manage business)
    • Asset permission (read/report, add/edit)
    • Support Tech. (only view asset’s assigned and its notes)
  • A user can manage multiple assets for each business and each business can have multiple locations.
  • Can manage multiple alerts, notes for each asset.
  • A business owner can re-assign his business among his users.